Redde Northgate Plc - Transaction in Own Shares

PR Newswire

20 July 2022


(“Redde Northgate” or the “Group” or the “Company”)

Transaction in Own Shares

Redde Northgate plc (LSE:REDD) announces that on 19 July 2022 it purchased the following number of its own shares to be held in treasury:

Class of shares :  Ordinary shares of 50p (“shares”)
Number of shares purchased :  26,862
Weighted average purchase price paid :  354.8956 pence per share
Highest purchase price paid :  358 pence per share
Lowest purchase price paid :  350.5 pence per share

Following the above transaction, the Company’s issued share capital consists of 246,091,423 ordinary shares of 50p each, of which 6,416,189 ordinary shares are held in treasury, and 1,000,000 preference shares of 50p each which do not carry any rights to vote. Therefore the total number of voting rights in the Company is 239,675,234, which may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in the Company under the FCA´s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules.

In accordance with Article 5(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (the Market Abuse Regulation) as incorporated into UK domestic law by the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the schedule below contains detailed information about the purchases made by Numis Securities Limited on behalf of the Company as part of the Company’s buyback programme.

Schedule of Purchases – Individual Transactions (all of 19 July 2022)

Number of shares
Transaction price
(GB pence per share)
Time of transaction Transaction reference number Venue
1813 351.50  08:34:35 00060094328TRLO0 LSE
175 351.50  08:34:35 00060094330TRLO0 LSE
911 351.50  08:34:35 00060094329TRLO0 LSE
1955 350.50  08:43:06 00060094592TRLO0 LSE
460 352.00  09:11:14 00060095449TRLO0 LSE
1647 352.00  09:11:14 00060095450TRLO0 LSE
1807 354.50  09:54:03 00060096574TRLO0 LSE
1841 354.50  09:54:03 00060096575TRLO0 LSE
2541 354.00  09:54:06 00060096576TRLO0 LSE
1157 354.00  10:02:32 00060097478TRLO0 LSE
700 354.00  10:02:32 00060097477TRLO0 LSE
1798 357.00  11:07:27 00060099656TRLO0 LSE
2121 356.50  11:15:02 00060099863TRLO0 LSE
135 357.50  12:02:20 00060101354TRLO0 LSE
699 357.50  12:04:19 00060101413TRLO0 LSE
289 357.50  12:04:19 00060101414TRLO0 LSE
910 357.50  12:04:19 00060101415TRLO0 LSE
1866 358.00  12:51:30 00060102403TRLO0 LSE
138 358.00  12:51:30 00060102404TRLO0 LSE
2124 358.00  12:51:30 00060102405TRLO0 LSE
519 357.50  12:52:04 00060102416TRLO0 LSE
1256 357.50  12:52:04 00060102415TRLO0 LSE


This announcement is made in accordance with the requirements of Listing Rule 12.4.6.

For further information contact:


David Rydell/Jamie Hooper/Tilly Abraham                             44 (0) 207 466 5000

Notes to Editors:

Redde Northgate is the leading integrated mobility solutions platform providing services across the vehicle lifecycle. The Company offers integrated mobility solutions to businesses, fleet operators, insurers, OEMs and other customers across seven key areas: vehicle rental, vehicle data, accident management, vehicle repairs, fleet management, service and maintenance, vehicle ancillary services and vehicle sales.

The Company’s core purpose is to keep its customers mobile, whether through meeting their regular mobility needs or by servicing and supporting them when unforeseen events occur. With its considerable scale and reach, Redde Northgate’s mission is to offer a market-leading customer proposition and drive enhanced returns for shareholders by creating value through sustainable compounding growth.  The Group aims to achieve this through the delivery of its strategic framework of Focus, Drive and Broaden.

Redde Northgate services its customers through a network and diversified fleet of over 120,000 owned and leased vehicles, supporting over 600,000 managed vehicles, with more than 170 workshop, body shop and rental locations across the UK, Ireland and Spain and a specialist team of over 6,000 automotive services professionals.

Further information please visit the Company´s website: