Measuring our strategic progress

Strategic review of the Combined Group

A detailed review of the operations of both businesses to assess how they can work most effectively and efficiently together commenced on completion of the Merger. This provided the basis for the development of an integration programme designed to minimise disruption to customers and employees while delivering the expected opportunities and benefits to the enlarged Group’s stakeholders.

The Combined Group will retain extensive operations across the UK, Ireland and Spain, identifying the optimal network by removing overlap and enhancing overall scale along with greater density to align with the needs of the Combined Group’s portfolio of services and its efficient delivery to customers.

This will be achieved by ensuring that vehicles are closer to customers, resulting in lower delivery and collection costs. In respect of head office and corporate functions, where overlap and duplication does exist, following a review of the options available, activities will be consolidated and rationalised to allow for the better integration of the Combined Group.

The strategic review forms part of the Focus phase of the Group strategy which is expected to last until April 2021.

The Board and management, who have a proven track record of delivering on strategic initiatives, plan to evolve the strategy of the Combined Group through three phases:


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